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Herbal diabetes prevention & treatment

Pre-diabetes. Can prevent disease development

Type2 diabetes. Can halt symptom progression

Type1 diabetes. Can extend OHA effectiveness

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Combines herbalism with science

Herbal power. Four wide-spectrum ingredients

Clinical research tested. Proven health benefits

German quality. Consistent standards

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Targets the causes of diabetes Type2

Free radical reduction. Antioxidant properties

More insulin production. Beta-cell promotion

Less insulin resistance. Reduced blood glucose


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Dietary supplement for diabetics

Plantabetics contains pure and high quality herbal ingredients. These are the extracts of fenugreek, Indian goose berry, turmeric and grape seed. The above ingredients are used for thousands of years as spices and culinary items in India and many Asian countries.


The combination of these compounds, according to their reported biological properties, should act against metabolic disorders that are not treated by modern diabetes therapy. Most importantly this combination can effectively reduce oxidative stress by enzyme induction on one hand and by supplying strong antioxidants in blood circle on the other.


Plantabetics does not contain any blood sugar lowering agent. It should be taken additionally along with oral anti-diabetic medicine and it can halt symptom progression of Diabetes type 2.